IMLAND Group Modelling workshop on 3rd June 2019

The IMLAND project is based on a participatory modelling approach, where stakeholders from various sectors, such as water, agriculture and politics, are involved. After conducting individual interviews with all stakeholders, they were invited to reconvene in form of a group modelling workshop. The objective of the workshop was to agree on a common system dynamics group model that qualitatively illustrates the agricultural sector in Northeast Lower Saxony.

The co-development of the group model was lead by the project PI María Máñez Costa. During the modelling process, conflicting opinions regarding agriculutral water management in the region were discussed and reflected. Although stakeholders did not agree on all topics, the discussion was lively and constructive. Finally, a group model was developed. All participants, stakesholders as well as researchers, were satisfied with the discussions and results of the workshop.

IMLAND qualitative model

Fig.1: Qualitiative model that was co-developed by stakesholders an researchers during the group modelling workshop. The colours indicate different categories: red - danger or conflict; blue - socioeconomic/political factor; green - natural resources; yellow - processes or activities.

Process of group model building wtith stakeholders