Research Areas

Research Area 1: From knowledge to action

This emerging area of research is borne out of a societal need to develop practical ways of dealing with the impacts of climate change, which are able to be implemented in daily business.

Spokesperson: Dr. Peer Seipold (GERICS)
Deputy spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Christian Möllmann (Universität Hamburg)

Research Area 2: Modelling complex systems

The modelling of scientific aspects related to the climate system provides the basis for climate services. Owing to the increasing demands on model simulations, the assessment of uncertainties becomes increasingly important. Moreover, links with social-ecological topics will be explored in this research area.

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Scheffran (Universität Hamburg)
Deputy spokesperson: Dr. Claas Teichmann (GERICS)

Research Area 3: Evaluating the impact of scientific findings in climate and Earth system research

The aim of this research area is an overall assessment of new scientific findings and information (such as climate projections, impacts on ecosystems and natural resources), and how this is requested, and used by stakeholders, and to evaluate the overall societal impact of these findings.

Spokesperson: Prof. Dr. Andreas Lange (Universität Hamburg)
Deputy spokesperson: Susanne Schuck-Zöller (GERICS)

In-depth background information on the research areas (in German only) (217 KB)