LUCAS Annual Meeting 2021

LANDMATE organized virtual conference with participants from all over Europe and North America

On December 9th and 10th, the LUCAS Annual Meeting 2021 was held as a virtual conference lead by LANDMATE PI Diana Rechid. LANDMATE scientists Peter Hoffmann, Christina Asmus and Vanessa Reinhart participated in the meeting and presented results from their research.

The WCRP CORDEX Flagship Pilot Study LUCAS (Land Use and Climate Across Scales) coordinated by Diana Rechid and other experts in regional climate modelling was extended until the end of 2023 and a new North America experiment is set up under the lead of Martin Leduc (OURANOS, Canada).

At the meeting, current studies and results of the individual groups were presented and discussed. For example, results from the LUCAS Phase 2 test experiment were presented. For this experiment, the new high-resolution land use and land cover change dataset LUCAS LUC, developed within LANDMATE, was implemented into the individual regional climate models used by the LUCAS partners. Based on the findings of the test experiment the protocol for the planned long-term GCM-driven simulations will be refined.

LANDMATE scientists showed the results of the LUCAS Phase 2 test experiments conducted with REMO-iMOVE (Figure 1). In addition, the latest improvements of the newly developed irrigation parameterization for REMO-iMOVE were presented.

LANDMATE Fig1 Differences in annually averaged leaf area index

Figure 1: Differences in annually averaged leaf area index (left) and 2m temperature (right) simulated by REMO-iMOVE forced with LUCAS LUC data from 2003 vs. 1950. Atmospheric forcing was taken from ERA5 for the year 2003.