Qualitative interviews with relevant actors in Hamburg and São Paulo completed

To better understand the decision-making environment as well as the use of climate information in our two case studies Hamburg and São Paulo, we conducted 12 interviews with relevant actors from January to March 2021. Our interview partners included representatives from city administration, academia, civil society, consultancies, semi-public companies and international organisations that all have longstanding experiences with climate-related action in the respective city.

The interviews aimed at giving us deeper insights into the complex decision-making environment and actor constellations with regard to climate issues and the use of climate information from different perceptions and perspectives. The semi-structured interviews were organised along three major blocks:

  1. the interviewees’ personal activities and experiences in climate-related actions;
  2. their assessment regarding the city’s climate policies, actors, and achievements;
  3. their experiences with the use of climate information. Due to the Covid-19 situation, all interviews were realised digitally.