Project launch: NorQuATrans starts research on transdisciplinarity

December 2nd, 2019: The project NorQuATrans has been launched as part of HICSS. Over the next three years, Nor-QuATrans will study transdisciplinary research processes in the field of climate services, using an innovative approach that combines empirical case studies in a sociological work package with conceptual analysis in a philosophical work package.

For the sociological part, NorQuATrans is happy to welcome Mirko Suhari. Mirko is a qualitative social researcher with a background in the sociology of the energy transition. In NorQuATrans, Mirko will work on actor roles in trans-disciplinarity and their reference to the quality of dialogue processes. These insights will con-tribute to NorQuATrans’ main research goals: the development of both documentation method-ology and quality criteria for transdisciplinary processes. In the end a concept for a framework for the formative evaluation of these processes is aimed at.

The PIs are Prof. Hermann Held (University of Hamburg), a climate economist and decision theorist, and Susanne Schuck-Zöller (GERICS), a communication expert with a specialization in transdisciplinarity and evaluation.

NorQuaTrans Sinnbild Poempel