NorQuATrans wins Prof. Simone Rödder as contributing scientist

May 28, 2020: NorQuATrans welcomes Prof. Simone Rödder as a contributing scientist. Simone Rödder is a so-cial scientist at University of Hamburg. With her expertise in the sociology of science, research governance and climate change communication, she adds a valuable perspective to the project’s empirical work package. As a first step in this cooperation, Simone Rödder and the NorQuATrans core team will coordinate parts of their research on end-user engagement.

This will include interviews with scientists from the “European Research Area for Climate Services” (ERA4CS) and the “Paradigm for New Dynamic Oceanic Resource Assessments” (PANDORA) consortium. In Nor-QuATrans, the group of contributing scientists also includes Prof. Torsten Wilholt, a philosopher and expert in science and society at Leibnitz University Hannover, and Dr. Elke Keup-Thiel, a meteorologists and stakeholder engager at GERICS.