First meeting of the NorQuATrans project network

On June 15, NorQuATrans held its first network meeting. The NorQuATrans project network is a pool of experts in transdisciplinarity, evaluation and the co-production of climate services. It was launched to provide both input and criticism for NorQuATrans, particularly regarding the evaluation of transdisciplinary processes. Fourteen experts attended the meeting, including the network members, the project’s contributing researchers and the core team. During the one-day digital workshop, they discussed the work done so far in NorQuATrans and shared their ex-pertise on diverse aspects of transdisciplinarity. The discussion showed that determining trans-disciplinary quality criteria – one of NorQuATrans’ main research goals – is far from trivial. Among other things, the prioritization of and the potential trade-offs between quality criteria were identified as major challenges.

Norqutrans Klimaservices transdisziplinaer